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Animal Jam Play Wild Codes 2021

Animal Jam Play Wild Codes padslet

What is Animal Jam Play Wild?

Animal Jam is a game developed by the “Animal Jam” company. The Play Wild is the mobile version of Animal Jam which is freely available in all major stores including iOS, Android, and Amazon Stores online.

Access Now – Animal Jam Play Wild Codes Generator 2021

Animal Jam Play Wild Codes 2021

[block]Animal Jam Play Wild Codes padslet
We have created this page for keeping track of all available Animal Jam Play Wild codes and keep them up-to-date. (Codes list is at bottom of this post)

If the code list doesn’t work, then we recommend that you should try our online Free Animal Jam Play Wild Codes Generator for freshly updated codes. Because, most of the time, it happens that the visitors abuse the updated codes list (given at bottom of this page), therefore, these codes are removed from the server.

This is the reason, it is recommended that you should always try our codes generator for the latest codes.

Kindly contact us and let us know if you find any of these codes inactive or you have any unlisted codes available.

Therefore, it helps us improve our quality of work and keep the website posted with the latest Animal Jam Play Wild codes.
These codes will help you generate unlimited gems and items for your game for free. You can use one code only once per the AJPW account.
You can generate Gold for your game as well, as we have the automated solution for it. It can make unlimited gold in a minute for you.

Animal Jam Play Wild Gold Generator

In case if you want to generate gold for your game, we have our online Animal Jam Play Wild Gold Generator (Last Updated: 2021).
Besides that, you can use this generator just once within 24 hours for generating gold for your game. Then you have to wait for the next 24 hours and use it again.
We are doing this to control the load on our servers.

Most importantly, please do share your experience of the AJPW Gold generation here in the comments.
Because it will help us improve/fix our AJPW generator script’s bugs.


We have recently added human verification to our generator. Because, we are getting many automated (Non-Human) queries at our servers, which is hurting our bandwidth.
Therefore, it’s kindly going through the human verification part, if asked while generating the gold.


Following is the list of latest 2021 codes for Animal Jam Play Wild:

Code Prize
NGKAJ19 500 gems
arctic 500 gems
dynamitejams 500 gems
pirateship 700 gems
secretelephant 500 gems
greeleysfans 500 gems
grahamsgreatest 500 gems
ajtreasurechest 1000 gems
annual2play 900 gems
wintergame 700 gems
ajplaycards 500 gems
twelve 15 sapphires
bats 500 gems
pwbday2 Birthday Party Hat
heartstone 700 gems
riddlethis 700 gems
NGKAJ18 500 gems
tropical 500 gems
powerbackpack Panda Power Backpack
wildbackpack Play Wild Backpack
adorableotter 750 gems
billygoat 750 gems
cheerycheetah 750 gems
clevercoyote 750 gems
coolpolarbear 750 gems
cuddlykoala 750 gems
curiousraccoon 750 gems
dashingdolphin 750 gems
downyfriend 1000 gems
fastfalcon 750 gems
funnyfox 750 gems
fuzzytiger 750 gems
happyhyena 750 gems
jammerjoey 750 gems
livelylynx 750 gems
loudlion 750 gems
lovablelemur 750 gems
luckyllama 750 gems
playfulpanda 750 gems
poshpig 750 gems
quickhorse 750 gems
sillyseal 750 gems
slowsloth 750 gems
sneakycougar 750 gems
snowyleopard 750 gems
supersheep 750 gems
swiftdeer 750 gems
touchytoucan 750 gems
wildlunch 800 gems
wileywolf 750 gems

The recommended method: Use our codes generator, if you want to get the working and up-to-date list of codes. Because, most of the time, the above-mentioned list gets abused by multiple users, and especially the robots (non-human-scrappers), therefore they are removed from the server.


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