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About Pokemon Go Hacks

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Niantic is the developer of Pokémon Go. They developed pokemon go for Android and iOS in 2016. (Visit our Pokemon go hacks Tool)

Basically, Nintendo and Niantic have created this game in collaboration.
Pokémon Go works on GPS-enabled devices to locate, battle, capture, and also train virtual creatures, known as Pokémon. This creature (Pokémon) appears just like they are in the real world.

Like other online games, you can purchase in-app items for enhancing your game.

Pokemon Go Gameplay

First of all, you have to create an account in this game. After account creation, you can customize your avatars. That avatar will represent you on the map while playing the game in your geographical location.

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Pokemon Go Cheats Hacks

Map Features

There are two features on the map, Pokestops, and Pokemon Gyms.

Pokestops are equipped with the items called Lure Modules, which basically attracts wild and rare Pokémon.

Pokemon Gyms are basically the battle locations for the team based matches (King of the hill)

Likewise, the avatars move in the game, just as the player moves in the real world. There are different Pokémon species for different locations of the world. An example is Pokémon of type “Water-type” that you can find nearby water.

Time, when you encounter the Pokémon, you can view it either in the AR (Augmented Reality) mode or a live generic background.

AR mode uses the gyroscope and camera of your mobile device, for displaying Pokémon’s image in your current location. Furthermore, you can also take a screenshot of the encountered Pokémon.

For capturing the Wild Pokémon, you’ll throw the Poke Ball on the Pokémon by flicking it through the bottom of your mobile screen, up towards the Wild Pokémon. If you catch the wild Pokémon successfully, you will become the owner of it.

Factors of success

There are three major factors involved in capturing the Pokémon, which are:

  • Catch rate
  • Timing
  • Type of Poke Ball

Pokémon Currencies

Once you have obtained the Pokémon successfully, the game will award you two types of currencies (virtual):

  1. Candies
  2. Stardust

Hence, the game uses both of the coins mainly to increase the Pokémon CP (Combat Power). But for evolving the Pokémon, you’ll need just the Candies.

Furthermore, every evolution tree of Pokémon has their type of candies. You can use these candies to either evolve or level up, based on your choice.

The primary goal of this game Pokémon Go is to complete all the entries in the “Pokedex” by evolving and catching them in it. Pokedex is basically a detailed Pokémon logbook.

With the help of real money, you can make in-app purchases for buying more Poke Balls and other needed items of your interest.

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